Friday, 14 December 2012

Cult Nails Bitten Swatch

Growing out my nails is always frustrating. I am finding this year has been really bad with breakage. I need to be more careful. Anyway, I was done with Disiplined and itching to get back into my vampy colours. Also, I figured this would be a nice send off into vacation! I am off for a whole week and a bit! I hope to be sleeping in, painting, wrapping gifts, doing my nails of course... I'm looking forward to just relaxing. I need it!

Here's three coats of Bitten. The formula was good - it's always good with Cult Nails. You can usually get away with 2 coats with most Cult Nails polish, but I like full coverage and 3 generally ensures that.

Cult Nails Bitten Swatch

It's a fairly nice raspberry colour with Cult Nails' signature shimmer. It's pretty, I dig it. I believe as of today, it's still available on Cult Nails Shop.

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