Monday, 10 December 2012

Cult Nails Disciplined Swatch

Continuing to grow out my nails again. Skyfall lasted so long on my nails, I hardly had any tip wear. I wanted to try something new as my collection of untrieds just keeps growing and it's shameful. I picked up Cult Nails' Behind Closed Doors collection during the pre-sale - which I mostly got for Coveted. I tried it for a bit but unfortunately my nails are so short, I found the flakies getting caught at the edge.

I went with Disciplined as I wear a ton of dark colours. Dark nail polish is my jam. I thought I'd try something new.

As with any Cult Nails' formula, it was slick. I find that it's better if you work quickly, rather than getting meticulous about your strokes and going over multiple times. I used 3 coats as my first coat was rather thin. Seche Vite was used for top coat.

Cult Nails Disciplined Swatch

Now, I'm still figuring out how to capture all the shimmer in my swatches but I have an underexposed photo that brings out all the colours that come out when the light hits it right:

Cult Nails Disciplined Swatch

I like how playful the shimmer is, and how neutral this polish is otherwise.

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