Wednesday, 5 December 2012

OPI Skyfall Swatch

I think I've managed to get a lighting set up that I like for now so onwards!.... Unfortunately I had my nail break so I am starting all over from the shortest point of my nails, which sucks. I saw the latest James Bond flick over the weekend, Skyfall, and I was blown away! It was so good! My tattoo artist told me that it's Daniel Craig's last but the Interwebs says otherwise.

In either case, I haven't been able to get the movie out of my head, and did a little retail therapy after that rough nail breakage... I picked up OPI's Skyfall. I initially skipped out on Skyfall when I first browsed the James Bond collection (I only picked up Goldeneye, The Living Daylights, Casino Royale, Tomorrow Never Dies and Moonraker) but it really stuck with me and I am glad I picked it up.

So here is OPI's Skyfall in two coats and topped with Seche Vite.

OPI Skyfall Swatch

Asides from the horrible short nails I'm sporting, I really love it. It's perfect for the fall and winter season, but a great option when you're feeling a little vampy. (Like me, since I have been crushing on Zachary Quinto in American Horror Story.)

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