Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Color Club Glitter Wonderland Swatch

I've been having fun so far, trying to get into the habit of having a nail blog. Sometimes I want to update more than every few days but then I realize that I would run out of material! Anyway, the swatches are fun and all, going through my bin of nail polish but I feel like I am not really being creative in any way. I started a new project last night that I am pretty stoked on! All the photos are done already, but I think I am going to finish up the Color Club Winter Affair collection before I reveal it! I'm excited! (Albeit what I've done so far sort of sucks but it's a start towards doing something more interesting!)

So, let's get on with the swatch of the day... Here's Color Club's Glitter Wonderland. It kind of reminds me of American Apparel's Violet Panache but definitely not as shimmery/foil-y. Kind of inappropriately named, I think since there's no glitter in this! The formula was good. Two coats and you're done. I guess I should say it (and then I'll probably say it again) but the formula on this entire Winter Affair collection sample I have is so great. No issues. I've seen other nail bloggers call it thick and goopy, but maybe it has to do with the scented versions of this collection? My Winter Affair collection from Winners was unscented and I've had no problems with it.

Color Club Glitter Wonderland Swatch

I wish that my sample of Winter Affair had some of the other colours. There were already 3 dark purple or vamp shades, but there is a blue and gold as well. Oh well.

Almost done the second season of Community. I watched the highly acclaimed Dungeons and Dragons episode... Really disappointed because it was so great stylistically and there were reeally great moments in the roleplaying, but then 40% of the jokes in the episodes were fat jokes. The first couple times might be OK and funny, but to keep repeating it? The "fat nerd" joke is not unique and not original.

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