Friday, 11 January 2013

Color Club Ho Ho Holly Swatch

Yay Friday! I'm going to blab about TV but I'll talk about nail polish first!

Color Club's Ho Ho Holly is an amazing foil nail polish. I am going to go as far and say that it is my favourite out of the Winter Affair collection. It is super vibrant, super reflective, super pigmented and there was no pain whatsoever to apply the formula. Full smooth coverage at 2 coats. My swatch is shown without a top coat. When the light isn't as intense as the light in my lightbox, the gold shimmer that you can spot in the bottle is a bit more prominent.

Color Club Ho Ho Holly Swatch

So, I've been watching a LOT of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Like, a lot. A lot meaning that I've essentially powered through all 8 seasons within 2 weeks, with the chance to re-watch a lot of favourites (which there seems to be a lot of)... I started watching It's Always Sunny based on a recommendation so I figured that trying another recommendation isn't such a bad idea. Everyone I know loves this show called "Community". It hits only 0.1 away from It's Always Sunny's 8.9 out of 10 rating on IMDB so I thought it wouldn't be too bad.

I have watched up until episode 9 and I've laughed maybe twice. I am not sure what I'm missing. I wish I liked this show. I want to like this show... But I don't.

The main character is an asshole who literally gets everything he wants. There is no comedy here for me because I can't sympathize for someone who has everything his way. What's funny about that? He falls for a very boring blonde girl who has ZERO personality and no expression in her face. Their relationship is entirely high school drama. The only two redeemable characters in the student main cast is Abed and Troy, and usually their time to shine is in the last 20 seconds of the show during the rolling credits. The contrast between the last 20 seconds and the main show is so high that it seems like two different writers make up the bits.

Overall the show is supposed to take a stab at community college but it doesn't reflect what happens at all in college; instead it's closer to a high school setting. Community feels like watching the Disney Channel for adults. If a comedy is meant to be as slapstick and absurd, it's not working as a live action comedy. Community would be better off as an animated show. I understand that there is far more flexibility in placing the characters in a college due to age restrictions - you can poke fun at careers, there can be drinking - but it's not working for me because the relationships of the characters are so unrealistic and boring.

I will watch the rest of the series because I really do feel like I am missing something. Again, Abed and Troy are the only shining beacons of the show and even then, Abed feels like a more put together Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory.

Sigh, I want to like this goddamn show!

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