Monday, 14 January 2013

Color Club Winter Affair Swatch

Color Club's Winter Affair is a very vampy polish. Goes on dark and sports a plum shimmer in the right light. Didn't expect to see something like this in a holiday collection! Probably best for sexy parties, or new years', instead of family gatherings and opening presents in pajamas. This one reminds me of an old Wet N Wild shade I wore all the time when I was a kid, from the Halloween collection. Ha!

Formula was great. Full coverage in 2 coats. Swatch is shown without top coat.

Color Club Winter Affair Swatch

Alright so TV... I have completed all of season 1 of Community. I had no idea that it was over 20 episodes. I thought I was clear after 10. Nope. Although I still don't enjoy the show, I have come to terms that I think it's mediocre. Nothing I would recommend to anyone. Season 2 so far has been more tolerable than season 1. I hear season 3 takes a major nosedive so we'll see what I think of the change.

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