Thursday, 24 January 2013

Cult Nails Deal With It Swatch

I've been kind of bummed out lately, but looking back at this swatch makes me remember how fun my nails were that week. Cult Nails Deal With It is from Coco's Untamed Collection. If you are wondering who Coco is, it's actually Maria's daughter. Cult Nails runs as a family, and they do it well and with so much passion. My polish purges are usually done in bulk because I like to indulge in the free shipping. Normally I like to grab the entire collection but I missed the boat and some shades had already sold out. So Deal With It is the only one I grabbed from the Untamed Collection.

The formula is great, however sheer. It goes on quite smoothly, but I really needed 3 coats for full coverage. The lime green is super vibrant and has a hint of shimmer.

Cult Nails Deal With It Swatch

I only wore this for a couple of days because my nails were so distracting, ha! But during the short time I wore it, I noticed that the green was very similar to the SMS colour in iOS Messages on my iPhone!

Cult Nails Deal With It Swatch

In other news, my order from Nail Polish Canada came in yesterday and I've already swatched the Ozotic colour I got. It's so fabulous and brilliant, I had to resist so hard not to post it today! Aaaaand tomorrow Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk collection will be up to order and I told myself I wouldn't buy any more nail polish until I've swatched everything in my current collection but waaaaaah, I love Rainbow Honey so damn much.

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  1. curses still want this.

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