Tuesday, 29 January 2013

OPI Liquid Sand - Can't Let Go Swatch

I did a walk-around in some drug stores last night after work and found the OPI Mariah Carey collection in London Drugs, as well as mall hair salons this weekend so these should be widely available in Canada now, I assume! Not as cool as Shark Week, but continuing in good fashion... LIQUID SAND WEEK.

Here's OPI Can't Let Go. I love this one. My mum wore this one and said a lot of her customers loved the colour as well. Can't Let Go is a fairly basic purple, slightly cool-based, with matching grit and deep lavender hex glitter, infused with slight shimmer that hides in the sandy matte goodness.

OPI Can't Let Go Swatch

Yummy. I love this one so much that I even have a different view... Here we go again... Aaaaand...

OPI Can't Let Go Swatch

OPI Can't Let Go looks SO good vanilla. I don't recommend using a top coat.

I swatched my liquid sands while I was drinking so I don't have the best photo of Can't Let Go with a top coat. Not my best work, it looks awfully sloppy! (Don't drink and swatch, guys!)

OPI Can't Let Go (With Top Coat) Swatch

I think the top really pulls away from the whole look and everything blends too much. Can't Let Go becomes boring. I definitely recommend against a top coat for this one because the texture looks so great with the colours.

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