Monday, 7 January 2013

OPI Man With The Golden Gun Swatch

I couldn't really bring myself to spending $30 on a single nail polish (although I've been guilty to spend just a tad lower for a Deborah Lippmann) but I loved receiving this as a gift. I think I must have squealed the loudest for this one when I opened it on Christmas day. My friend knows where my heart lies, obviously! (And she baked me a matcha cheesecake to boot, goddamn! - sometimes I have it really good.)

I think I have some sort of hoarding problem but I can't bring myself to throwing away the box:

OPI Man With The Golden Gun

Gah everything is so pretty!

Is it pretty on your nails? YES. I thought it would disappoint me but the gold leaf bits are super glitzy. I love them. Another friend of mine warned me that the formula was "goopy" but I found it easy to work with. My swatch has 2 coats. I think you could layer it easily, depending on how much gold you want.

As for the base colour, I used Little Black Dress from Quo by Orly, which is Shoppers Drug Mart's in-house brand. Short review is: it sucks. I hate the formula. The first coat is super streaky and does not like to be brushed over more than once. I'm thankful that the second coat provides adequate coverage else I'd throw it away. Not my favourite black. I'd rather use Black Satin by Rimmel or OPI's Black Onyx before using this one.

OPI Man With The Golden Gun Swatch

OPI Man With The Golden Gun Swatch

I'm not sure if you can tell but the last photo is after a week of wear. A WEEK. Not sure what to give credit to... The polishes I used, or the ultra thick Seche Vite top coat. You can see the slightest tip wear but asides that, this one lasted quite a while!

Oh yeah, the AAAARGH necklace is made by Swank. My best friend gave it to before before she went back to London.

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