Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Claire's Candy Shop Swatch

In spirit of cheap movie Tuesdays, Taco Tuesday, Toonie Tuesday, I'm bringing Cheap Polish Tuesday to this blog. I think I am anyway.

Anyway, I remember picking up Claire's Candy Shop last year when all the girls on Reddit were raving on about a Deborah Lippman dupe for... Candy Shop. What a minute, Candy Shop? Claire's didn't even beat around the bush on this one, they just went ahead and did it. To be perfectly honest, the rainbow glitter trend last year didn't really take hold of me. I was far more concerned with flakies, but I couldn't pass up a $4 polish that was a dupe of a $25 polish.

So here we go... Here's three coats of Claire's Candy Shop, topped with some aged goopy Seche Vite I had sitting around. (I really need some thinner.) The pink jelly was not my favourite shade of pink. It seemed a bit "dirty", whereas I remember Lippmann's being a little more milky in tone. (Note that I don't own Lippmann's Candy Shop; this is just based on the swatches I've seen on the Internet.) The dirtiness might have cheered up a bit if I used a white base coat. Despite the tone of pink, the application was no fuss. I had no issues with any of the glitter being biased, or pushed around.

Claire's Candy Shop

I think it was definitely worth the cheap price tag. If I was really into a pink jelly and rainbow glitter trend, I might invest in the Deborah Lippmann original, but it's not my thing so I'll stick with this one for a blue moon wear.

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