Thursday, 7 February 2013

OPI Care To Danse? Swatch (+ Bonus Hello Kitty Stamping!)

While I have a lot of colourful nail polish and I find it fun to wear, I actually can't stand to wear too much colour for more than a couple of days. I guess I find it distracting. I always love a neutral colour. So I'll show you one of my favourite "go to" polishes and nail art.

Here's OPI Care to Danse?. I believe it's from the New York City Ballet collection; just like the Femme de Cirque, they are called Soft Shades, being very light sheer jellies. I sometimes wear one coat for some extra shine on my nails when I want to be neutral. Being Asian, my skintone can be quite picky with some of the Soft Shades, but I think Care To Danse looks really great from one coat, built up. Here's how the sheer soft lilac polish builds:

OPI Care To Danse? Swatch
One coat of OPI Care to Danse (Yes, I have a chip on my index nail.)

OPI Care To Danse? Swatch
Two coats of OPI Care to Danse. As you can see, the application and formula is very smooth. Not streaky at all.

OPI Care To Danse? Swatch
Three coats of OPI Care to Danse. Almost fully built, I wouldn't try and get this polish to be too opaque. It's meant to be a very soft, very smooth jelly and it does exactly that.

I really love this polish. I am almost tempted to buy a back-up but I should really stop doing things like that because the truth is that it takes forever to finish a nail polish unless you're wearing it every day. (Obviously, I don't wear this every day but it is something I wear frequently.

I wanted to do something really fun this week, so to go alongside my go-to polish, is my go-to stamping plate... A "fauxnad" Hello Kitty stamping plate. I'm in love with this plate. It's so adorable and the combinations go together so well. You could use the same stamp for all nails, or use a combination and have it look very cohesive and adorable.

Unfortunately, I had one of those moments where I had a "cool idea" come into my head and I wanted to try doing a stamped jelly sandwich. (A jelly sandwich is when you put a glitter polish, or nail art between two layers of a jelly polish.) I neglected to think that the design would streak! So although it's super cute, there photos are close up enough to see that my design did unfortunately streak when I applied a top layer of jelly.

OPI Care To Danse? with Hello Kitty Stamping

I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift. I should be ashamed but for some reason, I guess I'm rolling with it for now. Feelings are hard to deal with... But at least I have nail polish.


  1. I love it with the Hello Kitty stamps :) So pretty!

    1. Oooo, I just thought of something! I bet it would make for a very neat jelly sandwich mani too ;)

    2. These polishes are definitely good for jelly sandwiches! I will have to try it eventually! :)