Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Revlon Girly Swatch

Woot! It's Cheap Polish Tuesday where I explore nail polish for $4 or less! Revlon barely makes the cut but I need fodder so I'm going to roll with it. Today I'm looking at Revlon Girly from Bubble Gum Days Urban Nights, a collection that in spirit sports a lot of great colours and staples for anyone with a smaller polish collection looking for more diversity.

I found out about Revlon Girly from Instagram. Coincidentally, it's where I discovered Manicure Addict, one of my favourite nail bloggers. I fell in love with her find and swatch immediately so I needed to find it for myself. Unfortunately, I live in Canada which has the short straw on polish releases. We seem to be the last for everything! It took me probably about 2 months to finally find my own bottle of Girly. (Thanks to my Canadian homegirl Chantal over at Chantal's Corner for the tip!)

From the bottle, Revlon Girly is something that really caught my eye. It looked like everything I love!: a saturated mix of big and small glitter coloured in violet, pink and copper swimming in a (what looked to be) purple-pink jelly. Revlon, you little genius! You're taking after an "indie" look! Guys, I wanted to love this nail polish. I wanted to so bad. But then I put it on. 3 coats of Girly, topped with Seche Vite:

Revlon Girly

I've never had any luck with Revlon nail polish's formula. I find it so slow drying. The application was OK. Average, nothing to really complain about. The fact that no glitter placement was needed was good - but the slow drying formula always manages to drive me nuts.

Never mind the formula, the base jelly colour looked awful against my skintone. The purple-pink jelly had betrayed me and instead looked dirty, or spoiled. It just didn't look the way I had wanted it to. After 2 months of searching, I was so upset that I couldn't make it work. It's just not made for my skintone. Because the jelly colour is light enough to apply a base colour underneath, I tried to layer Revlon Girly over OPI Planks A Lot.

Revlon Girly (over OPI Planks A Lot)

Slightly better? Maybe I need to revisit the pinker side of the purple-pink base jelly and put it over a pink. For now, I am just going to let this marinate for a bit until I can get excited over this polish again.

I want to love this polish! I am going to love this polish. Just give me time.


  1. This seems to be the one that everyone wanted and no one likes. I really haven't found a good review of this yet. Swing and a miss Revlon

  2. I had to do the SAME THING with mine lol! It's so pretty in the bottle, but looks like shit on me :( I decided to try it with a purple polish, made it a little better.

  3. Seems we all share the same feelings for this one. It does look better over a base colour so I will definitely have to try that.
    Thank you for the link!!! :D

  4. Maybe try it over a rich, dark purple or black? Hm.