Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Zoya Wednesday Swatch

I swear I wasn't planning on doing this but it happened... I'm sharing Zoya Wednesday on a Wednesday! I'm still sporting the holographic polish (albeit a ton of tip wear) from my first professional manicure so I am still burning through the backlog here. I'm excited to swatch with these refined nail shapes! Perfectly round now, different from my usual natural squoval.

So here's Zoya Wednesday, a really gorgeous, and ever so slightly dusty turquoise creme. Definitely a little more green leaning than blue in person but still a wonderful creme. As with any Zoya polish, I definitely favour their brush - shorter and wide, allows for better control for me. I know this type of brush isn't for everyone but it's what works for me. I prefer a shorter brush! Zoya Wednesday can probably be applied in two coats, but again, one of my application problems is to paint over the same spot more than a should, resulting in patches so I applied 3 coats to ensure a full opaque coverage.

Zoya Wednesday

I am so glad I decided to follow my instincts on this one because it's my favourite colour (that I tend to buy a lot of) and it captures the essence of everything a creamy turquoise should be. While not vibrant and bold, this seeks a more subtle playful look instead. The only thing I find weird about this polish is its name! Why Wednesday? I kind of wish that it had a better name because I am reminded of the Addams Family and Wednesday would never wear this polish, ha! Anyway if anyone knows why Zoya picked Wednesday for the name, please enlighten me.

And as a bonus, did I mention it's fantastic for that Hello Kitty fauxnad stamp that I love so much?

Zoya Wednesday

Disclaimer: You'll probably see this stamp a lot on this blog.

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  1. Ooo I love this! Funny timing cause I actually have a turquoise manicure atm and I'm preparing my blog post on it for Friday, lol! I LOVE turquoise!
    I agree with you about the name, why Wednesday?