Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Joe Fresh Cherry Swatch

Alright, burning off the backlog. I wish I posted these sooner when I actually did them because my nail length is horrifying, haha. So uneven and ugh, it was when I was still using that wretched white background. Glad I switched to black. Anyway, it's Cheap Polish Tuesday where we explore polishes that we can find on sale or regular price for $5 or less! Again, today we've got a Joe Fresh polish from Superstore, a Canadian grocery chain up here in Canada. You can find them for $4 a pop, or save a bit of change and buy them for 3 for $10.

Again, sorry - this is an older photo of my nails so they are a bit shorter. This formula is super smooth and slick. Again, I love the Joe Fresh polish brush as it's short and wide. This is not a popular opinion but it definitely works for me! I used two coats for my swatch.

Joe Fresh Cherry

I love all the Joe Fresh polishes I own. They were even my first flakie polish! (But I'll get to that at another time.) They offer a huge selection of basics and I haven't had any problems with their formula. I've already done the calculation on this cheap polish and because of the small 6ml, getting a single 15ml bottle of OPI polish will cost about the same! However, it's all about palette and if you want a choice of colours, I'd recommend Joe Fresh as a possible winner.

It's the same red I used for my DAVIDsTEA Holly Red Winter Tree Perfect Mug inspired nail art:

DAVIDsTEA Perfect Mug Inspired - Holly Red Winter Tree

Anyway, that's all! Short and sweet today. If you haven't checked out yesterday's post, please do! I actually spent a lot of time on that damn rose art and dare I say that I like em and am proud? I hope that gives me hope that I can maybe do nail art that I will like myself one day.

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  1. Ahh Joe Fresh, you have not disappointed me yet! :)