Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Zoya Zuza Swatch

This morning I ate so many tacos and spent too much money on photography gear. I am officially on a "Low Buy April (and May)" starting now. I have a ton of unswatched polishes and need to catch up on some nail art ideas so doing a "Low Buy" should be doable. I say "Low Buy" because the "No Buy" killed me and I ended up going on a serious unnecessary binge at the end of "No Buy February". Also Rainbow Honey is coming out with a new collection and I am a completionist with RH.

So here's another from the back log. I don't know why I held off on it for so long because Zoya Zuza is one of my favourite polishes ever. It was release in 2012 in the Zoya Surf collection. Zuza sits in the aqua turquoise teal family that I incredibly love so, so, so much. The formula was OK but it does that thing where it is quick drying and you might want to give it time to set or you will be patching it (as I did here). I would suggest three thin coats, leaving a little bit to dry between each layer. The results is a perfect teal metallic, almost foil finish with slight green biased shimmer a plenty.

Zoya Zuza

I caught up on editing some of my latest swatches so I'll be posting a newer one tomorrow! I am excited. I am totally done with my back log of white background photos, yuck, haha.


  1. Ooo I love this one! Surprised? lol! :p
    I went shopping today and out of all the clothes I tried on I would say that 3/4 were turquoise, lol! Some came home with me, tee-hee-hee.
    Oh and I ordered my first RH today, so exciting!!! :D

    1. I wear all black everything. I guess I never outgrew my goth days! Black eyeliner, black shirts, stockings, skirts, jackets... But my nails are different colours! Hehehe, the only time I ever play with colour, funny enough!

  2. This looks 100x better on you than it did on me. Also did you find it a huge B to get off? maybe it's just me.