Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Essence Date in the Moonlight Swatch

Welcome to Cheap Polish Tuesday where we explore nail polishes found for regular price or on sale for $5 or less! This is the last of the four Essence polishes I picked up from Shoppers Drug Mart's Buy One, Get One Free sometime during No Buy February *cough*. We can blame the lovely Chantal of Chantal's Corner for that one.

So far, I've been loving the formulas of all the Essence polishes I've picked up, despite the sales girl telling me that it's sub-par and thin. I'm finding the complete opposite actually. So how does Essence Date in the Moonlight stack up? It does well. It follows the same trend of needing only two coats for full coverage. The shade itself is a deep navy blue, with micro silver shimmer that looks a lighter shade of blue through the formula. My swatch is two coats, with no top coat:

Essence Date in the Moonlight Swatch

The only real weakness I see from the Essence polishes is the selection itself. There are very few Essence polishes available to us Canadians and I don't find any of the shades particularly special or unique. My only complaint. I wish we had more selection.

I have one more Essence polish (the old bottles) to show off, but asides this, I won't be picking any more from the main line due to already owning similar colours in my polish collection. I will always be on the lookout for the mini capsule collections, but unfortunately it's always a crapshoot because each location only gets one or two, and after it sells, there is usually no restock.


  1. Beautiful swatch!
    I own this one and when I tried it on I didn't really like it. It's one of the first ones I tried when I got into nail polish last year so I didn't appreciate colours like I do now. I will reswatch it eventually and I'm sure I'll appreciate it better now.

    1. Oh, and yay at being an enabler! :p

    2. I don't think there is anything very special about it, which is why I am not raving about it but it's definitely a great basic. I may have to revisit it if I choose to do a nautical theme because it has a nice navy look to it. But these days I am finding myself more drawn to cremes and less on anything with a shimmer - I figure it's more fun to make it pop myself with either a top coat effect or glitter. :)