Monday, 22 April 2013

OPI Russian Navy Swatch

Welcome to Monday, folks. You know, I thought Monday would be a day of grogginess due to not wanting to come back from the a well-rested weekend but holy crap... Guys, I am feeling wrecked at work! I essentially worked all weekend, shooting a two day all day convention. My body... It hurts. (Maybe a sure sign that I need to work out or something...)

Anyway, here's another edition of "When Guys Get Me Nail Polish". This one was given to me for my birthday with a couple of others. This is OPI Russian Navy: in the bottle, a nice even navy blue with purple duochrome properties - however, on the nail, a basic navy blue with a slight shimmer. Not a whole lot going on. Formula was OK, typical two coater, no problems with streaks or drying. Here's my swatch with two coats, and no top coat:

OPI Russian Navy Swatch

OPI Russian Navy Swatch

I don't find this polish particularly unique or exciting so I think it's a bit of a pass for my recommendations. It's a great basic. I'll probably wear it as a base colour for an eye-popping glitter, but without that duochrome we see in the bottle, it sort of falls in the realm of ordinary and isn't a must-have. Great basic though.

Anyway, my nails are getting closer to where I want them to be so more Shitty Nail Art Mondays should be coming soon! (I hope so, anyway.)


  1. It's still a nice navy blue.

    Looking forward to more NON-Shitty Nail Art Mondays, cause I don't find your nail art shitty at all! :-)

    1. I've been so disheartened lately with my nubs so I am so behind in trying all the new polish I have! They are almost where I want them to be so hopfully I've have some brand new material to post in the next while. :3

  2. I love this colour. I think the only boy who has ever bought me polish is my Dad with SUPER specific instructions. Gotta give credit to any guy willing to go buy nail polish!