Tuesday, 9 September 2014

On hiatus - I'll be back!

Hey guys, I'm sorry I haven't kept you guys in the loop. Thanks so much to everyone who has checked in. I feel awful that I haven't been as responsive via most social media channels (eg: Instagram, this blog in particular). I noticed I did this exact same thing last year and what happens is that in September, I just get so caught up in my wedding photography backlog and I need to catch up. It's driving me insane! I've also been struggling with some internal issues and I am actively working on them. Claw of Cthulhu was always a place where I wanted to have fun and freely express myself but unfortunately I haven't had the time and I've been miserable. I don't mind an update with "oh god guys I'm dying" every so often but when it becomes so frequent, it's a problem!

So what I am going to do this year is properly announce my hiatus.

I'll be back.

I'm not sure when but it will be this fall and before the end of the year (God I'll be damned if I miss out on Halloween and Christmas collections, come on!)

Anyway, thanks again for reading (to those of you who still are) and if you want to stay in touch with me, feel free to chat me up on Twitter (I'm @clawofcthulhu obvs!) and I'll be checking my Tumblr Asks weekly. I'll reply both publicly and privately, I don't mind! Up to you.

See you on the flip side and I hope you're all doing well. Love you.